Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hard Labour!

morning readers!

What an awful start to the day, grey skies and pouring of rain! Have some plans today to go visit a friend with a bouncy castle so the rain better go away or the kids will be moaning and we don't like moaning kids right?

Yesterday I decided that I'd had enough of our poor excuse of a garden. About 9 years ago we dug it up with the intention of laying a patio area. It never got finished so I got these foam squares to put down to make it a temporary safe area for my son to play . Needless to say they have been there since as our time and efforts have been distracted by other jobs in the house.

I'm embarrassed to show you these photos!

These are the before photos

My kids were little stars, giving me lots of help 

My neighbor gave us a load of slabs and some bricks. So we got some sharp sand and started leveling off the ground. Now, I don't know much about laying a patio so he gave us some tips and tricks, along with a bunch of tools to get the job done.

This is the last photo I took but  we put a few more rows of slabs down before my husband came home, he was gobsmaked at the work we did. I need to wait for my dad to lend us a grinder to cut some slabs and we still need to sort the border with those bricks

Not bad for a girl eh!

Anyway, this leads me to my latest card. In way of thanks, I'm getting my neighbor a bottle of his favorite tipple and I made him this card. Well, actually I think I need to make a new one and do it in a more masculine colour. Maybe I'll give this one to his wife?


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  1. Wow way to go gang you did an amazing job on the patio clearing and laying won't take you long at the rate your going The card is brill but def for the wife love the design and so will she xx


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