Thursday, 28 June 2012

No sew fabric roses

I found myself with idle fingers tonight! Not knowing what to do I turfed out my spice cake and twitterpated fabrics. Didn't fancy getting out my machine again today, I was playing with some coffee cozies earlier.

I want to decorate a navey sun hat that I found, I'm not a hat wearer but need to on these hot sunny days. Now, I do like this hat but there is a problem, it has ENGLAND embroidered on the front. Seeing an opportunity to cover it up, I set about thinking how? Flowers! So, without hesitation I got my glue, ripped up some designer fabric and set to rolling, twisting and sticking. I'm not finished yet, I will need far more. I will post pics of the finished hat soon. Meanwhile, here are some of the flowers I have made and one of the coffee cozies I was playing with.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stampin Up does homework fun!

Yes, I said homework and fun in the same sentence!

I just had to share the with you.  My kids have to build a bug  from recycled materials for their school fete this week. My daugher had her heart set on butterflies flying. Together we came up with idea of using the Beautiful Butterflies die to cut butterflies from plastic bottles (cleaned out first of course!)

Once cut she then coloured them using permenent markers. She then asked me to stick them onto a dried up stick from the garden, I used a hot glue gun for this.

I was surprised at the end result.

I mustn't forget  my sons' handy work, he built a ladybird from an old computer mouse.

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